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    Flex Builder 4 Suggestions

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      ( I can't find the correct forum, so I'll slap them in here.  If some one could provide me a link, I'll put any further suggestions in the correct forum)


      Suggestion 1)


      In graphical design mode, if you click on a component or control, it gets selected.  The programmer should be able to press the "Esc" key on the keyboard, and then the selected component's parent should then become the selected component/control.  Pressing the "Esc" key again, should make that component/control's parent become the selected component/control... and so on, until the top level component/control/container is selected, at which point pressing "Esc" does nothing.


      Suggetion 2)


      In the videos "Flex in a Week" (which are fantastic BTW), the voice over talks about "clicking" keys on the keyboard.  A convention that I suggest is that:


      Click = What you do on-screen with the pointer cursor which is controlled by the mouse

      Press = What you do with your finger to a key on a keyboard


      Example:  I click on the "Go" button.  Or, I press the Enter key, which invokes the "OnClick" handler of the "Go" button because it is the default control.

      Example:  I click on the "Home" link.  Or, I press the "Home" key.