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    PPro repeatedly generating PEK files


      I have a new CS4 system (spec below) with a number of problems.


      As I also have a CS3 system, our client files are stored on 500gb SATA drives. These are marked as drive F: in Computer Manager.


      I start a CS4 Ppro 1080i project, and import some footage. It generates PEK files.


      But when I close Ppro, and open the project again (NOT shutting down the pc) Ppro generates the PEK files again, each time adding a new number, so I get HD01 03 48000_1.pek, HD01 03 48000_2.pek, HD01 03 48000_3.pek etc.


      If I put the footage on an internal drive, this doesn't happen any more.


      How can I stop PPro generating the PEK files when using the SATA drives?


      This is the first of a few questions to get this system running correctly - all suggestions very much appreciated.





      i7 PC base unit, inc i7-920 CPU, 6GB RAM, 500GB system disk, 1TB data disk (plus 2x eSATA ports for external disks), DVD-RW, BluRay-RW, 896MB 275GTX graphics card, Vista 64 Business, Matrox RTX2 card, CS4 Production Suite