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    High memory usage when rendering




      Using a new cs4 system: I start a new 1080i project.


      I dynamically link to a new AE file. Within the AE file I put one 4mb jpg running over 20 seconds, and save.


      Back to Ppro, I put the AE comp on the timeline.


      At this point, Task Manager shows that PPro is using 0.5 gb ram.


      I render the 20 seconds of the timeline which has the AE clip.


      After rendering, Task Manager shows PPro as using almost 2GB ram.


      But this ram doesn't seem to get freed up again... so after a few minutes more working, I start to get ram warning messages.


      I've tried changing the "Optimise rendering for Performance / Memory, but this doesn't have much effect.


      So I've got a new system with loads more memory than my old XP cs3 system - yet the performance in PPro is nothing like as good.


      After rendering, I can save, close and open the file again - it's marked green for rendered, and the memory is back to 0.5gb. But then I have to let it generate the PE file again (see other thread). And I shouldn't have to close the programme between every render, I'm sure.


      Suggestions very welcome to get what should be an awesome system up to scratch.


      Many thanks, Linda








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