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    Publishing as Windows Media from Premier


      I have a WMV file (7.5 M) that required a small edit.  I loaded it into Premier Pro CS4.


      The file is 720x528, 4 fps, 16 bit mono audio.  It was created in Cisco MeetingPlace.


      After the edit I saved it as a new file name while trying to match the file parameters with the old file.  The end result is that it went from 7.5 M in the original to 61 M in the Adobe Media Encoder published version.


      Does anyone have any idea of what I am doing wrong and how to correct it and get it back to 7.5 M?  61 M is way to big.





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          It is most likely that you chose a .WMV CODEC that did not compress at the same level as was applied to your original file. There are many .WMV flavors and CODEC's to choose from. Windows Media Player (WMP) should tell you the exact Properties of your original .WMV. Matching the CODEC should get you close.


          Many choose to use Windows Media Encoder (WME) to actually do the final Export to .WMV's, because it offers more options.


          Good luck, and compare those CODEC's