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    Flex Builder 4:  Mobile Devices

    RedOctober57 Level 1

      I'm not a mobile device user, however, I have a question (perhaps a dum question, but still, here goes):


      Will my apps developed in FB4 run in a "usable" way, on a mobile device?


      What I mean by this is:


      Do all browsers support Adobe Flash 10 as a plug in?

      Does every mobile device run at least  one  of the browsers that support Adobe Flash 10?

      Will my app require special tags or something that will "detect" if it is running on a mobile device, then allow for a "compressed view" so that it wil fit onto a tiny screen?  (Or does this require programming separate interfaces... one for the tiny mobile device screen, and one for the large Mac/PC screens?


      I'm assuming that buttons and comboboxes etc. will operate on the mobile's "touch" screens just like clicking on them with a mouse pointer.. is that correct?


      (Maybe these questions are so dum I'll get kicked out of this forum)  Apologies in advance.  Thanks for your help and patience.