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    how to cut an avi video?


      i want to take a certain part of a video. can u help how cut an avi-format video? tnx

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          Unfortunately, the term "AVI" does not tell us enough to really go into much detail. That file might hold all sorts of "stuff."


          In general, you Import that file into a Project/Sequence that matches it in all respects. To Cut, you can move the CTI (Current Time Indicator) to where you wish (red Edit Line will follow), and you'd hit Ctrl+K. Move the CTI to where you wish this Cut to "end," and repeat. Rt-click on that section to be removed, and chose Ripple Delete to close up the gap. There are other ways, but that is about as simple, as it gets.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Now, this ARTICLE will tell you more about an AVI (or MPEG, or MOV, or WMV), and what can be in that "wrapper." It will also tell you how to find the info on your particular file (G-Spot). You will need to use that info to setup your Project/Sequence, so that everything matches.


            Please report on exactly what G-Spot tells you about that file. We can then tell you exactly how to proceed with it.


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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              can u help how cut an avi-format video?


              1. Get a copy of your local Yellow Pages.

              2. Turn to the Video Production section.

              3. Call at least three places and get their hourly rate for editing.

              4. Hire the cheapest one that you feel comfortable working with.


              There is an alternate path, though it is far more expensive and time consuming.


              1. Go to school for video production.

              2. Graduate.

              3. Get a job working for another company.

              4. Do well at that job, learning more and more as you go.

              5. Now that you're qualified, do the job yourself.


              (As an aside, you can possibly shorten the total time by asking a trusted co-worker to do it for you as a substitute for steps 4 & 5, although that will defeat the satisfaction of doing it yourself.)