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    annoyances with coldfusion builder


      I just download the latest beta2 and overall I like it but theres a couple issues that annoy me:


      1. Javascript code assist pops up for no reason. Say i'm editing a cfm document then I insert a script tag, press enter, then the code assist pops up and wont go away unless i press escape and it keeps on poping up like that. Really frustrating, I had to turn it off it bugged me so much. Only notice this when i'm editing cfm files.


      Edit: It also happens in style tags but not nearly as annoying.


      2. When I try to create a new snippet package/folder sometimes it creates it under another package/folder when I wanted it to at the top level. It usually happens after creating a new snippet. The only way around this is to delete it and then create it again since I can't drag it out.



      Also would be nice if I could import/export snippets.