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    Disabling App During Remote Call

    jonesf Level 1
      I'm basically looking for a way around some of the issues (for me, major issues) introduced by remote calls being asynchronous.
      So, my initial thought was that before a remote call, I would...
      this.parentApplication.enabled = false
      Then in the callback....
      this.parentApplication.enabled = true

      The problem is that I often have multiple requests at the same time and returning results at different times, etc. I can try to hack some things together for specific calls, but my preference would be a single catch-all solution whereby the app is disabled during all remote calls and becomes enabled again when no more calls are pending. This would need to take into account that the app needs to be enabled again if there are faults returned, etc.

      Some of my remote calls may take a few seconds. And with the user messing around clicking things during that time may cause major explosions.

      Does anybody deal with this? Any tips?