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    Export an .flv from an already compiled .swf


      Hello community:


      So this question/discussion is kind of out there so stay with me-


      I've been working with a colleague on developing what is essentially a "Powerpoint" or slideshow creation suite for the web.


      The basic mechanics of this idea are as follows:


      1.  Users upload their images, music, and comments via a cgi script.


      2.  The file paths to the uploaded content are written to a generic index.xml document that is places within a folder name that matches the "slide show title"


      and now for the flex UI


      3.  The users are taken to a flex page that utilizes the repeater class, the timer class as well as some generic flex transitions.  The place holders for the uploaded content are put inside of a repeater container and the file paths for the image components the music file as well well as the comment string values are loaded up from the generic index.xml file that I mentioned earlier.  The timer objects starts running on creation complete and on every timer tick (timer event) an transition is cued, that causes the "array" of images and comments that fall within the repeater component to shift up.


      This in essence gives us a slideshow component that works via the web.


      However we want to extend this idea.  Though our component is very accessible in that it stored on a server with the uploaded content, we want to be able to "export" the sldeshow and save it locally.  So my question is as follows:  can an already compiled .swf use piece's of itself to create another .swf or even an .flv or is the idea of this hogwash and not worth while- as in should we be looking at 3rd party .swf conversion solutions?


      Hope I was clear in this, can't wait for you guy's input