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    Request: B1 -> B2 Migration tool


      Very understandable that the rapid development of the beta will change the FXP filesystem and structure, but I'd like to put out a formal request for a migration tool between formats.  Is very difficult to log this many hours on projects helping to bug-hunt and make feature requests just to abandon our projects at the end of the day.  Don't get me wrong, am a relentless supporter of Adobe and the Fc team here.  Fc is a beautiful product filled with potential, and dealing with the intricacies of code generation is a nightmare I'm overjoyed i'll never have to face... but no migration at all is a tremendous hurdle toward pushing/keeping adoption.


      Imagine selling this to a CEO, "We'd like to ramp up with the Fc platform, but every few months everything we've done will need to be thrown out".  Tough sell!


      Regardless, congrats to the team, Fc-b2 looks amazing so far.



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          Garry Bradley Level 1

          Echo the sentiments as well Chad.


          It's a shame because I really wanted to expand on the test file I've been working on with the new features in Beta 2. I guess the behind the scenes changes didn't allow you to have time to write an import from previous version function.


          Still keep up the good work guys this is going to be a great app for us code shy designers.



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            njadobe2 Adobe Employee

            Hi Chad,


            I'm sorry about the frustration you're having with old projects no longer working--we feel the pain internally in the team as well. As you noted, there have been many changes to the underlying beta Flex framework as well as other aspects of Catalyst projects since beta 1, and it would be difficult to create a robust conversion tool. Over time, as the framework and the tool both settle down, we should be able to achieve better compatibility, and of course once we ship 1.0 we will be committed to supporting FXPs from the shipping product in future versions.


            Sorry about that,



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              clonberger Level 1

              nj, thanks for the reply.  Just is the cautionary tale of being involved with a beta I supose.  As a heads up however, do you foresee any significant structural changes moving forward that would negate b2's fxp files with future versions?  Trying to set expectations internally.


              Many thanks again



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                I've bublish a tips to resolv your request go to : http://www.dechavigny.fr/?p=61

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                  Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

                  Hi Chad,


                  While we're not making any guarantees at this point, we're very much hoping that the final release will be able to open beta 2 projects .  If so, you would most likely still hit a few snags that require redoing limited parts of the project, but you would at least be able to carry forward most of your work.


                  Once we do release, Catalyst 1.0 projects will definitely be able to open in the next release of Catalyst (1.x, 2.0, etc.).


                  - Peter