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    crasch in title


      dear Adobe

      the title generator in PP CS3 is still crasching after i try out the answers in prevvious blogs. so i removed all fonts exept the standerd windows and still it crach when i try to change the font in the tittler. what can be the problem?




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          First, we're just users here. You are not talking directly to Adobe, but there are a lot of helpful people here, so let's get started.


          The most common cause of a crash with Titler is a corrupt, or otherwise bad font. You've taken steps to try and eliminate that, BUT one of those system fonts could still be corrupt. This ARTICLE will address the potential font issues.


          Since you now have a minimal number of fonts, it should be simple to test these. I'd recommend a freeware program, FontFrenzy. It is first a font manager, but also has a utility to test all fonts. It will attempt to repair any bad/corrupt font. If it cannot, I would recommend that you locate another copy of that/those font(s).


          In the meantime, tell us a bit more about your Project, the Assets, etc., that you are using. As a test, create a New Project with no Assets. Use Title and choose New Title>Default Still. What happens?


          Good luck,



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            Hello Hunt,

            Thank you for the fast reaction.


            I have done the check (font frenzy was already installed on my desktop) and non of the fonts are bad/corrupt .

            The project where i working on Is a dv widescreen project whith a length of 3 minutes. I also start a test project as you prescribe. When I create a title I can type anything. I also can change the font But only two times than its crasching. I also got 2 times the report "adobe PP is running very low on system memory" (in the test project whit non assets etc).perhaps that has to do something whit my problem?




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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Thank you for both testing and for reporting.


              Let's assume that fonts are not the issue. You seem to have ruled those out. Instead, let's take a look at something else - system resources. Titler is a mini-application, and though it opens from within PrPro, it requires more resources for its operations.


              System Resources can be things like physical RAM to Windows Virtual Memory. Please give us details on your full system, with careful attention to your Windows Virtual Memory, how it's managed and where it's located. Also tell us all about your system's HDD's, their size, free space, controller type and how they are allocated.


              In the meantime, this ARTICLE might help you to free up some additional resources, allowing PrPro and Titler to run better.


              I await your reports,


              Good luck,



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                The system where i work whit is a HP xw8600, intel xeon processor (1) type E5440 @ 2.83GHz whith a ram of 3.25 GB 3 disks  system 10GB, D drive (Audio data)500Gb G drive(video data) 1TB,  Nvidia FX3700 quadro displaycard, Matrox rtx2 (for gpu and analog inputs) on my iee1394 the audiocard extern  motu ultralite mk3. I have clean up the system (after I read your topic). I also installed pc slowfighter (spamfighter) an now i-am running Bitdefender. Still whit no improvements. Now I'm thinking to reboot the whole system?!! (thanks to uncle bill) or mabey I buy a MAC.

                Friday evening I go further on (tomorrow I'm out of town. Till next mail,




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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Try in a non-Matrox project with non-Matrox files.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    Properly tuned, your computer should run without the Resources issues.


                    Now, Matrox cards have caused all sorts of problems, but Titler and System Resources are not usually the issue. Still, as Harm suggests, you should try a non-Matrox Project to test.


                    Also, if you are on CS4.1 (I do not recall now), Matrox was working on new drivers for it. You might want to check out their site for your OS and your card.


                    Good luck, and travel safely,