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    Reader 9 and Slide Show Sound


      Does Reader 9 play the sound in ANY PDF slide shows made by Adobe "Album"?


      If so, what version of Album made the PDF?


      I have, admittedly, an older version of Album (2.0) but I feel that upgraded players typically maintain compatibility with older files.


      Whereas Reader 7 played the sound in my slideshows beautifully, Reader 9 is dead silent.


      Any help appreciated.

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          jbecich Level 1

          I have removed Adobe Reader 9 from my computer, and installed Reader 8.  I can once again enjoy the sound tracks I have installed in so many of my PDF slideshows, made through Album 2.0.


          I have read that even with Elements 7 (the current successor to Album 2) there is no ability to have sound in a PDF slideshow.  The user can produce PDF slideshows with no sound, or WMV files with sound.  Unfortunately, viewing WMV files is not as universally possible as viewing PDF files.


          I am therefore quite surprised and disappointed, by this "downgrade thanks to an upgrade."  Downgrade of a much-enjoyed feature, thanks (no thanks) to Adobe's "upgrade" of Reader 8 to Reader 9.


          Regrettably, if my friends are to see my slideshows and hear the sound, I have to caution them to NOT have the latest Reader version.  No chance of that happening.


          And, of course, I face the prospect of having to personally preserve an obsolete viewing platform, for the sole purpose of viewing my own slideshows... something that is important to me.




          Incidentally, the Reader 9 inability to play sound was identical in both W2K and Windows XP computers I tested.  I have other corroborating evidence that Reader 8 IS sound-capable.  So it is obvious to me that the "sound-fault" lies entirely within Reader 9.

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            I just read your comments after having a similar problem.  I created a slide show using Elements v9 with a sound track (tried it with both wav and mp3) that plays beautifully within Elements slide show editor, but when saved to a Reader 9 pdf file, the pdf file does not play the soundtrack.  I have Windows 7 OS and visited the Reader download site and it does not show an available version prior to 9.4 for Win 7.  I would like to try to install Reader 8 if I can, does anyone know if it is possible?  Also, is it possible to talk to anyone at Adobe about this problem without paying a support fee?