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    pproheadless.exe has encountered an error and needs to close

    Bridgepoint_Richard Level 1

      System Details

      Windows XP 32 Bit OS

      HPxw4600 Workstation

      Intel 2 Core Duo , 3.00 GHZ processor

      4 GB Ram

      Premier Pro CS4 4.1.0

      All Updates Installed, English Version

      218 GB HD, 37.8 GB Free, NTFS File System


      When trying to encode large (15 min & Larger) timelines in AME, i receive the error pproheadless.exe has encountered and error needs to close.

      The result being I cannot encode the file - I have tried this with 3 separate Premier Pro projects, with the same result.  Smaller timelines, under 15 min, dont seem to be affected. Initially, we had only 2 GB of RAm, and upgraded to 4 GB of Ram, but that did not help the situtation.


      I have seen many posts on here about this issue, but didnt seem to see anything definitive.