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    Adobe Reader printing 4 pages, over top each other on 1 page


      I created a form for my office in LiveCycle. It's 4 pages with lots of fields to input data. I extended features to Reader users, which is what my coworkers use when they fill it out. It worked fine for several months. Suddenly, the form is printing all 4 of it's pages over top of each other on 1 page.


      I've printed the same file from a different computer on a different printer, and it comes out fine. I've also printed it from a different computer, to the same printer, and it comes out fine. So, therefore, I believe the problem lies with that specific machine, and/or perhaps its Reader settings. But I've gone through all the print and document settings and can't find anything that looks out of the ordinary.


      Can anyone shed some light on what might be causing this? Is it a print setting, or is there a way to reset Reader's settings to default?