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    Few problems that I have while doing Flex4beta IAW




      The first problem that I've come across in Flex 4 beta in a week was with the dropDownList in my form.


      Somewhere along this video:

      the "change" property is added but for some reason I dont have that property in my DropDownList.

      The code hinting doesnt show it and i get an error if i write it.

      (Cannot resolve attribute 'change' for component type spark.components.DropDownList.)


      I have the latest version and I can't import this:

      import spark.events.IndexChangeEvent;


              <mx:FormItem label="Branch:">

                      change="branch_changeHandler(event)"  <------ this


      The second thing i noticed is the Label component

      The girl in the movie has it in the spark namespace, I have it in mx namespace


      <s:Label />

      <mx:Label />



      Thanks for help


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          e2dev Level 2

          Anze - I just downloaded the beta 2 release of Flash Builder and downloaded the big day zip and looked at ex1_03_solution. Is that what you're looking at? It works fine for me with the import statement and the change event you mention.

          Can you verify what build you're using? Select Help > About Adobe Flash Builder 4. The build number should be 253292.


          Also, re: the spark vs MX for Label. Both will work, but Spark is the new component library for Flex 4 so that's preferable over MX. Not all components are available in Spark yet, though, so sometimes you have to use MX. If given a choice, though, select Spark.


          If you post your code, I can take a look for you.



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            Cuk26 Level 1



            Yes, my mistake. For some reason I had the shortcut for the olderversion on the desktop instead of the new one.

            Works perfect.


            Thanks, Anze