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    roaming profile from 32BIT to 64BIT




      I've 2 terminal servers one s windows 2003 32BIT an another windows 2003 64BIT(just install).

      I'm using roaming profile for the TS.

      I'm having trouble to print from the 64BIT machine when the user use the roaming profile that came from the 32BIT.

      when they try to print the print spooler crash.

      when i remove the same user his roaming profile and connect him to the n 64BIT without his profile (a new one is created).

      every thing work great.

      I'm thinking maybe it is relate that the acrobat reader on 64BIt install it self on the Program file(x86) an not Program file like in 32BIt.

      do you know about this problem and how i can fix that?(i use reader 8 on 32BIT and 8 and then 9 on 64BIT)