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    Project Organization

      I am recording demos for a product.
      I would like to create about 10 different demos.

      My question:
      Should I create all 10 demos in one project?
      ---Seems like alot of overhead to manage all the slides in one project? How do I partition?
      Do I create 10 different projects?
      ---Can I then combine them into one if needed?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Mario

          As with anything, the answer is a definite "it depends".

          You are able to create it all in a single project. But I'd only do it if I were certain that each segment would be about 10 slides each.

          Personally, I'd plan on 10 different projects. Before embarking on this adventure, you need to determine what size will work best. My personal preference is to stick with 640 x 480. But many also choose 800 x 600.

          This way, if all 10 projects are sized identically, things are more consistent. You may also find you need to combine two or more. Or share assets. This will all be easier if they are all the same size.

          Cheers... Rick