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    instanceManager is not working properly after Rendered as HTML

    Srini Dhulipalla Level 5

      Hi All,

          I am new to the work bench and tried to create a process to render the XDP as HTML. Now I can see the file but all the code that is working in the Designer stopped working..Including the instance manager.

           I have gone thru a document from Adobe about the "Scripting Support for HTML Forms and Form  Guides" and they mentioned that the Instance manager is supported both in HTML and FormGuides. Any one had similar experience in rendering as HTML?


           Another question I have is if I have the "Bus" field at the end of the path like below.. How do I reference the properties of the "Bus" object to execute the code perfectly in HTML. I am getting the error message "TripForm" is null or not an object while rendering as HTML. The same works fine in PDF.






      Thank you for your time and help..