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    Shockwave Player 11 not found -- is there a solution?


      In doing my research this seems to be a big problem that others are having but I didn't see a viable solution.


      I created my Mac projector using Director 11.5 on Mac OS 10.5. 


      This is a hybrid project.  The PC projector was created on a PC due to other issues.


      Both projectors work fine when played from the desktop and a USB stick.


      I burned the hybrid CD using Toast 6.  I created the Mac partition using Disk Utility choosing Mac OS extended format.


      When I put the CD in the Mac I get the "This application requires Shockwave Player 11, which cannot be found." error.


      The projector is published as a standard projector, not a shockwave.


      From what I understand in my research is that the problem is with the format of the mac portion of the hybrid.


      Does anyone have any suggestions on getting the CD burned in the right format? 

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          LSHuskey Level 1

          I got something to work, not the most elegant solution but the projector plays from a CD.


          In Toast instead of a hybrid disc I did a Mac & PC disc and put everything together.  I made a Mac OS X folder and put a shortcut at the root level pointing to the mac app.  It runs from a CD.  Like I said, not the most clean solution, but it runs.


          Funny how this will run from a USB stick that is formatted in FAT32, but not from an HFS+ CD.


          If anyone has a hybrid disc solution, I would still be interested in hearing it.