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    Adobe Captivate 4 errors out on recording




      I am a long time user of Captivate and have been using Captivate 4 since it came out.  I am running a Dell Precision Workstation M6400 with 3GB RAM, Windows XP Pro with SP 3, Intel 2.6 gHz processor.  I also have the latest patches for Windows and Captivate installed.


      I am a heavy user of Captivate.  In fact a day does not go by that I am not using it.  I have been working on a project for a client.  I was able to shoot about 45 slides, edit the text captions, and added some audio.  I saved the project, closed it, and exited Captivate.  When I came back from lunch, I started Captivate, opened the project, entered Edit mode, selected the last slide (45) in my project and hit the record button to capture some additional slides.  I captured about 10 more slides and ended the recording process.


      I got the progress window saying the slides were importing and then I get the old "Captivate has experienced an error and will now close" error.


      I have recreated the preferences, uninstalled and reinstalled Captivate 4 - 3 times, applied the lastest Captivate patch 3 times, repaired the registry table, and did all the system disk utilities I have.  I have a very fast and clean running laptop, but Captivate 4 still generates the same error.  I can no longer record either for an existing project or a new one.  The error always occurs after a recording session, regardless of the recording type.  During the importing of slides, it bombs out.


      All my projects are in Captivate 4, so I can't even go back to an earlier version.  Anyone else having a similar problem.  My projects are gonna go overdue  if I can't get this fixed.  Any help from anyone would be awesome.  I am willing to try anything at this point.  I am attaching the detailed error report that it sends to Microsoft.