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    Text Styles

    chirp88 Level 1

      So, I was excited that I could make text styles in Fireworks CS4 - the first version I've used since version 2. My question: is it not possible to apply more than 1 style to text in a textbox like you can in InDesign? It seems that the text style will change ALL text within a text box rather than just the text I have selected.

      It's not really that useful if I have to break up a page of text into a bunch of little text boxes just to be able to apply styles to them. Please help if there is a fix for this or something I'm missing!

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Styles applied to text have always worked that way in Fireworks. They are applied to whole objects. You would need to convert the text to paths and then ungroup the characters to apply a style to just one of them.

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            chirp88 Level 1

            I don't want them to be paths. I want live text to have a style applied to it like in Illustrator or InDesign or FreeHand within a textbox. You can apply styles to text (specifying font, size, color, etc) but it only applies it to the entire text box, not just the text you select. It would be great if it let you apply a style to just the text you have selected so you don't have to break it up into separate text boxes. I have submitted this to Adobe's feedback form.