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    Movie render too slow in After Effects CS4


      I have Mac Book with 2 .0 G RAM running AECS4. It took 2 hours to render a project with 30 second and It's only use 10 - 20% of 2.0 G RAM in the Render Queue. What can I do to make it render faster ?. Please help me , Thanks very much

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          phillipnguyen Level 1

          I already update After Effect new version . still has problem with slow render . Do I need more RAM?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Well, sorry to say so, but there is no easy solution to this. Memory allocation is dynamic as is processor usage. Without knowing what the projects look like, there is little point in providing any advice. There could be so many reasons why it's rendering slow, some of which could include:


            • poorly optimized or old effects
            • temporal effects that always render in sequence
            • the compression/ CoDec you chose for output
            • other render settings
            • your harddrive performance


            Especially the last could be a major bottleneck on any notebook. Anyway, you should simply get used to AE not being a realtime application and not necessarily blame your hardware. If you can provide more info about your project, we may be able to provide some tips, but don't expect miracles.



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              phillipnguyen Level 1

              I tried to render a project from Pro Motion Kit 2 I brought from Internet .In fact that is a HD project comes with a lot of effect, but I render out as Animation type SD. I also tried on my PC with Duo Core 3.06 and 4G Ram. But the problem still the same. I was thinking get a new editting system to be able handle in HD project. Could u give me some tip about configuration for the system running good with After Effect. And which platfrom should I get between Mac and PC. Many many thanks for your help

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                bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

                Todd's article and improving AE performance is the standard response to these questions which we see often.

                Rendering in After Effects is a complex mixture of creative thinking and creative problem solving.

                After a few dozen projects you begin to understand the limitations of your system after learning how to make adjustments to the interface, how to use proxies, and how to use prerendered movies.

                After reading a few hundred posts on AE support forums you begin to see how experienced users save or compress rendering time by carefully designing their projects to work efficiently within the limitations of their equipment and by using the methods mentioned above.

                There is no significant difference between how current Macintosh or PC hardware renders After Effects. Well, none upon which you should base a purchase decision.



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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  As David said (and I before), the problem is much moire complex than just buying the fastest computer you can get. For projects to render fast, you have to look at their internal structure as well - how layers are stacked, what effects are used, how footage items are used, what render features are on. A single quality switch somewhere can significantly influence render times... Unless you understand those things, you will never be satisfied. You could buy the latest Xeon-based workstation with lots of RAM and fast drives and still only have it's processor chug along at 10% processor usage simply because one component of your project prevents the machine from unleashing its full potential. So by all rights, you really need to tell us more about what's going on inside the project. The issue of PC vs. Mac is pretty irrelevant - hardware-wise, Macs are PCs, they just use a different operating system. Performance is pretty much on par under comparable conditions.



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                    okay this is annoying, I have a 1.7ghz processor , and 1.25gb of RAM with a GForce2.0 video card.  yes i know its most certainly not the fastest computer, but it works. also, it came from a special place, fallen from heaven and left at the dump. yup, thats where i got it. straight out of the magic box of old and abandoned technology.  unfortunatly it wasnt quite working at the time, it needed a new power supply and hardrive, bc the old one was infested with earth link and only had 10mb out of 40gb left in it. anyway thats beside the point, what my point is, id like to know what kind of hardware i could put in my computer to making it quick render things when im still in the editting project, of course im new to after effects and dont know much, but whenever im actually having some fun and making some interesting stuff, the program just doesnt want to keep up. so id like to know if i should get more RAM for it or get a multi core processor, or maybe even a more suitable video card,      and if nothing else would work. just a new computer. also id like to know if i over clocked my processor a bit, would that help the speed of like my computer quick redering stuff,   it came with a high performance neon fan (very loud) so i think i can overclock it, just dont know if it will help.     by the way its a Dell 8100     if ud like to look up the specs on microsoft, but its modified a bit.

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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8



                      Here is the system requirements page for After Effects. Note that your computer doesn't have the minimum amount of RAM.


                      The (overly) simplistic answer to what hardware changes benefit After Effects is more RAM, faster processor, multiple fast disk drives.


                      The "Improve performance" page is a good place to start when trying to figure out how to work faster in After Effects.