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    I want to connect a dynamic slideshow with a static graphic. Help?


      I'm building an art history timeline where I have thumbnails of all the of images set in a movie that scrolls back and forth using a scroll bar. When I highlight each thumbnail, it expands and links to the corresponding page when clicked on. Below the movie I have a series of tiny boxes that make up a timeline that DOES NOT move when the scroll bar does. What I would like to happen is two things: I want one of the boxes from the actual timeline to highlight when a corresponding thumbnail is highlighted (so as to give a persepective of the art's place in time) and, for when that box from the actual timeline is pressed, it will move the movie to the corresponding thumbnail. I hope that makes sense.  Is there something in ActionScript3 that will allow me to do either of those things?


      I attached the .swf file so that maybe the visual will help make sense of what I wrote. Thanks so much in advance!