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    HTML formatted dynamic text and glyph embedding

      I am creating swfs with dynamic HTML formatted text in Flash 8. I am using Arial 11pt font for my standard <p> formatting. When I export the files, the text is rendering real wonky-like. For example, lower case w's render with large gaps between the adjacent letter(s). Has anyone else experienced this?

      To get around this problem, I began embedding my font (Seems a tad annoying considering the font is the ubiquitous Arial). The text renders beautifully after the glyphs have been embedded but now none of the bold or italicized formatted-text render to the screen. To be more clear, the <b>tagged text</b> does not appear at all! Not even a gap exists to indicate where it should be!

      I worked out a little hack where I create another empty dynamic text box, off to the side and embed all the glyphs for Arial bold. Suddenly, the text in the original box works!

      Has anyone else experienced similar problems and if yes can you suggest a less arcane solution.