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    Socket error #2031 on shared ip hosting


      Hi to All !!


      Some weeks ago I wrote a post about the socket error #2031.


      I developed an application using the amazing maliboo's FTP library for flex. On the previous server I had all worked fine, but when  the hosting company switched on a new server things started get worse.

      I got the company switch back to ProFTPD from PureFTP but still doesn't work.

      While banging my head on the desk I achieved that the new hosting is based on a shared ip system while the previuos one was a dedicated ip system.


      In the application I can perform well the FTP login and change directory, but when I try to switch to passive mode on the port told by the server, the app tries to establish the connection for some seconds and return the #2031 socket error.


      Some ideas?Some workaround?

      Someone is experiencing the same issue?

      Thanks in advance!!!!


      Bye Luca!