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    Take Twenty two

      After a week with Elements 8 I have decided to go back to Elements 7. Don't ask me why...its just that my Dad used to say "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all."


      Elements gave me quiet a bit of trouble and now I have decided to wipe version 8 and install 7. This I have done however my Canon hv 30 will not be recognised by Elements 7. I had no trouble installing Elements 7 several months ago when it recognised the Canon HV30 first time up.


      My question is how can I get Elements 7 to recognise my camera and if not what settings do I use to maintain the best quality for input and output back to my camera.


      Thanks in advance


          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          After you've removed version 8, do a repair/install of version 7. Put your installation disk in and begin an installation without uninstalling, then follow the prompts.


          If that doesn't fix it, you may need to uninstall and reinstall version 7. Don't worry, you won't lose any work in progress.

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            thank you for your advise. I will give this a try.


            Regards John

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              Steve, I have tried the above solutions including uninstall / reinstall

              with no luck. Can you suggest anything else.


              Regards John

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                Hi John,


                When you connect your camera to the computer, does the operating system recognise it? Which OS are you using?

                Do you mean that the same camera was detected on the same OS by Premiere Elements 7 and not by Premiere Elements 8?

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                  G'day Rumjhum,

                  in answer to your questions when I connect my Canon HV 30 camera to my

                  PC via a FireWire cable I don't get any notification on the screen. I

                  only get a sound something like "DA DUM". Now I don't know if you

                  connect a Fire Wire cable you are supposed to get a notice on the screen

                  or not purhaps you can tell me. I am using Vista. Now originally when I

                  installed Elements 7 the program recognised my Canon HV 30. I then

                  bought Elements  8. It didn't recognise my HV 30. So then I uninstalled

                  8 & reinstalled 7. I have done this 3 times as suggested by Steve but

                  with no luck.


                  Hoping you can help

                  Regards from downunder


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                    Hi John,


                    When you connect your camers through a firewire cable, a notification that you camera/hardware has been detected should pop up on the bottom right corner of your PC. This notification is by the Operating System itself and not by Premiere Elements.


                    If you are not getting the notification, then it looks like that the OS is not detecting your camera for some reason. Unless the OS does that, Premiere Elements will not be able to detect it either.


                    You can perhaps try a different fireware cable to ensure that your cable is not faulty.

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                      I think that the Fire Wire cable is O.K. due to the fact that commands passed from the PC to the camera are undertaken. E.G. when I click on rewind in Elements 7 my camera rewinds and when I click on record the camera records. In fact it does all the commands. So could this still be a faulty cable.


                      Regards John