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    Link to QT videos and display in media holder on same CF page

    Marsascala Pest Level 1

      I am using a learning object which I downloaded from Macromedia many years ago. The white paper which came with it was very usueful in parts but did not cover this problem. One of the interactions which I was never able to get to work as given was for a video to play in a placeholder when one of five links on the same page was selected. This really is a very neat elearning object and although Macromedia also left out two of the sets of videos the rest would be very useful for me to deploy with a client. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the missing movies let me know.


      Please supply a contact email if you can help as this forum willnot allow me to attach this particular .cfm file!!!!


      I am running CF8 in IIS and using Dreamweaver to edit.


      Grazi hafna