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    textFlow finished parsing event?




      i set the content of a RichText control via

      myRichText.textFlow = TextFlowUtil.importFromString(str); (inside the overridden set data funtion inside a custom itemRenderer)


      I need to know when it has finished the importing but i can't find the right event for that.


      I tried it with the RichText.updateComplete event but it gets fired 2 times in a row  which is not optimal for my situation.

      (tracing the content of the RichText inside the handler function prints 2 times the same result as well - so nothing has changed actually).




      Other thing:

      the TextFlowUtil.importFromString(str) seems to be very sensible.

      i tried to import a str with a spelling mistake in one if its <br/> tags.

      the mistake was </br> instead of <br/>

      I got the an Error #1085 runtime error: TextFlow must be closed with </TextFlow>

      That's a little confusing, i would expect that it skips this "</br>" literal.

      It's very hard to find the error expecially when it's not you how writes the xml where the str comes from..

      (i've put the import in a try catch clause for a workaround but the text for this item is lost)


      Is this a wanted behavior or should this be treatend as a bug?



      so long




      I'am using build

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          David_F57 Level 5



          did you try to add the update_complete listener to myRichText.textFlow  or myRichText ?



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            radikalFish Level 1

            it's on the RichText control directly

            <s:RichText id="rT" updateComplete="onUpdateText(event)"....


            i tried to add a "UpdateCompleteEvent.UPDATE_COMPLETE" to the textFlow as well


            rT.textFlow.addEventListener(UpdateCompleteEvent.UPDATE_COMPLETE, onFlowUpdate);


            but it never gets invocted...



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              GordonSmith Level 4

              There is no "textFlow finished parsing event"... when you call TextFlowUtil.importFromString() the String has already been parsed into a TextFlow by the time the method call returns the TextFlow to you.


              But the RichText must later render the TextFlow into TextLines. If you're using a recent version of the Flex 4 SDK in which RichText is a UIComponent, you should get an updateComplete event after this happens. If you aren't getting it, please file a bug. But in earlier versions of the Flex 4 SDK, RichText was a GraphicElement, and GraphicElements don't dispatch the "lifecycle events" that UIComponents do.


              Gordon Smith

              Adobe Flex SDK Team

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