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    Could not initialize Organizer database. Organizer features will not be available. Can it be disabled?




      I have a user who gets the error 'Could not initialize Organizer databse. Organizer features will not be available' upon opening up Adobe Reader.


      Its in an XP Professional corporate network environment, Citrix based environment, on version 10.00.5.


      I've browsed through the net for a fix, and majority seem to related to Photoshop rather than Reader.


      We are using version 7.0, but have upgraded to 8.0 and 9.0, and still this error happened, to only this one user in particular, we're not aware of any other users having this issue.


      Is there anyway we can disable Organizer (maybe upon installation, or post installation if at all possible?). Or alternatively find a fix, however due to the Citrix environment, any fixes required locally on the citrix servers would not be first choice, due to fact its only this one user having this issue.


      We re-direct Application Data to the users TS profile.


      Any help on this would be much appreciated