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    Not able to change file locations


      I have a few video's I need to put online.

      So I made a flash-file that will load a file externaly (http://.../locus.f4v). When I publish that flash file it renders a locus.swf, locus.index and a SkinOverAllNoFullNoCaption.swf (skin).


      When I upload everything works fine. But to easily manage all of my video's I can't have them lying arround and would like them in a folder. So I create a folder locusvideos. I change all the links in the html-file to locusvideos/... .swf but it just shows an empty page.


      so where are all the files at?

      locus.html (is in the most top folder)



      and the video-file is still on the same place


      Is there something I'm missing?


      kind regards,