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    item.data deprecated?

    timo888 Level 1

      Does the circled icon in the attached screen capture of the Flex 3 debugger indicate that the item.data property has been deprecated?


      On a PopupMenuButton using an ArrayCollection for the DataProvider, how do you access the value in item.data from inside the itemClick eventhandler?


      <mx:PopUpMenuButton id="mybutton" itemClick="onCharSelected(event);" x="159" y="-2" label="æ" width="41"  />




      this.mybutton.dataProvider = chars;


      public var chars:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(
                      [ {label:"ð", data:"ð"},
                        {label:"æ", data:"æ"},
                        {label:"þ", data:"þ"} ]);



      private function onCharSelected(e:MenuEvent):void {

                    ArrayCollection (e.menu.dataProvider).list.getItemAt(e.index);  ??

                  // the "data" property of item seems inaccessible no matter how it's fetched.