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    Cannot Install FW CS3 or CS4 beta

      I have owned fireworks since version 4.

      Used MX, great... i can still install on Dual Core MacBook Pro running 10.5... but it crashes on some stuff.

      I installed CS2 Creative suite and that worked great.

      Problems started when I installed FW 9 Beta (cs3)... I couldn't use any old FW anymore.

      SO I did the Clean Uninstall script (yes level 4 until all was gone).

      I can install CS3 Design suite but I need Fireworks MX or 9 to run to fix this FW file (photoshop flattens all the layers so I cannot get to the layer I need to edit).

      Any suggestions? I don't know why FW wont install at ALL. If I get the CD shipped, its going to have the same problem as the ones Downloaded off of the Adobe site.

      Any help is great. I'm trying to avoid a clean wipe and reformatting my HD.