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    basic audio editing question


      I recently bought CS4 and just started editing my first project and am having difficulty finding an effecient way to edit with mono audio tracks. obviously PremierePro captures audio as a stereo wav file (even though audio captured in the field is almost always made up of seperate mono tracks). I know how to break the captured wav out to seperate mono tracks, but these files are not tied to the video clip. The only way i can see right now to edit with these mono tracks is to edit with the original stereo wav, then go back and manually determine the imbedded tc for each individual clip, load the corresponding mono wav into the preview monitor, enter the tc as an inpoint, then insert the audio into a mono track on the timeline and mute the "dummy" stereo track that i edited with to begin with. Surely there is a simpler way to accomplish this. I really don't want to spend a whole day replacing these stereo wav files with mono tracks.