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    Load big big image from disk?


      We know that a bitmapdata object can be defined to store an image of a maximum size of 4095x4095 pixel.


      But, does anybody know any way to load a big image from disk (i mean 8000x8000) and then resize it to fit on a 4000x4000 bitmapdata?


      I want to:


      1 . load an image from disk with filereference, knowing that it can be very huge.


      2. create the maximum bitmapdata possible to hold the image respecting it's aspect ratio


      3. Reduce the size of the image to fit inside this bitmapdata


      4. Dispose the loaded image from memory, having only the resulting bitmapdata.



      I'm trying to do this with a loader, but i get a black image if i try to use it when the image exceeds the flash limits..