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        To make one like it, line up your thumbnails into a row on the stage, then copy the first image and paste a copy at the other end of the row so it looks liek this: [image1]     [image2]       [image3]..[image1].


        Then select them all at once, and make them into a movieclip.


        Then all you need to do is drag the movieclip into starting position (probably alligned to the left hand edge of the stage (overlapping over the right-hand edge if you have a long line of images), then create a classic tween to make the movieclip slide accross the stage.


        If you put the first image on both ends, as soon as that image displays in the same position as it looks at the start at the end of the tween, use gotoAndPlay function to send the movieclip back to play from frame 2 of the timeline and it should work ok.



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          Thanks Rootle.... very helpful, but I'm still missing the big picture here.


          I created several different small blocks of photos using photoshop (50x50 pixels) and saved them as jpg's (pic_1, pic_2, and so on). Next I opened Flash and started a new flash document and brought them in one at a time, lined them up, and copied pic_1 and pasted at the end of the line as you suggested. I then "exported movie" and saved as Banner.swf


          I then quit out, started a new flash doc and imported my swf file.


          Then I created a tween to slide it right to left. So far so good.


          Next I used gotoandplay (1)  - back to frame 1 again right?


          Here is how it worked when I hit f12... the block of images moved to the left as predicted but the last block (pic_1 that was pasted at the end of the row) moved over with the rest as the trailing block, leaving white space until it played out then the blocks started all over again.



          It almost worked. the blocks of photos played, looped and played again but not in a steady stream of photos. There was a break (white space) until the last pic reached position 1.


          Can you talk me through the rest of this? I want a constant stream of photos, even if they are the same ones.


          To be honest, I've only manipulated "Flash Templates" so far and have not actually created my own, so I had to reference youtube for help on tweening. So if you respond please type veeeerrryyyy  slow