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    Display specific nodes in Flex Tree


      How do I get a Flex tree to display only specifiv XML nodes?


      A sample of the XML data is below.  Only the Grouper and Product elements should be displayed as branch and leaf nodes respectively.  I can't use XSL or e4x to remove the Name elements as the text of these is used as the label for the Grouper and Product tree nodes.  Also, I cannot move the Name element to be an attribute as it needs to include a CDATA section.


      I'm sure there is a very simple solution but can't find anything on this.




      Al H.




           <Grouper Type="ProductHeading" Id="" icon="drugIcon">
                <Product Id="1002081" icon="genericIcon">
                     <Name>ASPAV dispersible tablet</Name>

           <Grouper Type="ProductHeading" Id="" icon="drugIcon">

                <Product Id="1005755" icon="genericIcon">
                     <Name>ASPELLIN liniment</Name>