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    Adobe Reader temp files build up and stop faxing.


      We use an eFax software developed by FaxBack. Recently we started faxing nightly invoices. These invoices run at approx 12:00am. There are anywhere from 100-400 faxes nightly. The fax program uses Adobe Reader 9.0 to process PDF documents through the fax server. We noticed a high volume of temp files are building up in C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp. They appear as Z@S2E##.tmp. These temp files, for whatever reason bog down the applicaitons and make it unable to send out faxes, and we get failed confirmations due to a "conversion error", clear the temp files and faxing is back on track. I worked with FaxBack for a couple weeks on this and they finally said there isnt anything they can do as it is an Adobe issue and they have no control over it. As a bandaide i made a batch file to run nightly that basically stops the fax service, clears the temp files created by adobe, then starts the fax service again. The problem with this is once or twice a week this aggrivating fax software doesnt want to start the service back up so faxes just build in a queue until we manually start it back up.


      I realize the fax service is the larger problem, but with times as they are a new faxing solution will not be met for some time. Is there a way to alter the path of these temp files? Perhaps send them to the recycle bin, or make is so Adobe doesn't create them?