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    Is it possible to control a flash movie without having access to the actionscript?


      I work for an equipment planning firm and we subscribe to an organizational tool which allows us to build projects and add the items we are planning to buy to each project.  The company who offers this product keeps all of the project data as well as the equipment library in a database on their servers.  Up until recently, this information was displayed to us using a normal website using HTML and javascript and would access the database when it needed to.  Now they are upgrading to a flash based movie which is used as the interface and it still accesses the database to display the proper items for each project and to access the equipment library.  Since this is a 3rd party company, I do not have access to the actionscript they use but is there a way I can control the movie with some sort of programming.  In the past, I've used visual basic to send commands to the website and I could automate a huge list of tasks which would ordinarily take a long time.  Is there anything comparable to doing this in a flash movie?  It can be any programming language.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is just a thought and in no way any kind of well-thought out solution.  In order to control the Flash file from an external resource, you will still need to have detailed knowledge of the processing code that is written inside it.  This would be necessary so that you can execute commands/functions within the Flash file.  The only way I can see doing that without rewriting the Flash file would be to have your own Flash file that you dynamically load this 3rd party Flash file into and then target the function code in the loaded file as a child object.  There could be all sorts of security issues involved since multiple servers could be involved.