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    Place PDF pages inline

    A Vit

      I'm using data merge to create a multi-page PDF of formatted records.


      I need a way to place these generated pages into a text flow so that they flow around other content in the layout. Is there an existing script that does such a thing? i.e. instead of getting a cursor to create a new graphic frame, it would automatically create more graphic frames within the text flow.



      Andrew Vit

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          A Vit Level 1

          Turned out to be pretty straightforward to write, borrowed some from one of the sample scripts:


          function placePdfPagesInline(pdf, insertion) {
               var pageCounter = 1;
               var breakFlag = false;
               while(breakFlag == false){
                    app.pdfPlacePreferences.pageNumber = pageCounter;
                    var currentInlineFrame= insertion.place(pdf)[0];
                    if(pageCounter == 1){
                         var firstPage = currentInlineFrame.pdfAttributes.pageNumber;
                         if(currentInlineFrame.pdfAttributes.pageNumber == firstPage){
                              breakFlag = true;
                    pageCounter = pageCounter + 1;