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    Imported interactive SWF jumping ahead




      I imported a SWF into Captivate. The SWF is a mini-instructional module with it's own Next and Back buttons and its own menu of topics. The Captivate is a course I'm building. I had a developer create this SWF to prevent my having to produce every new concept on it's own slide (the project was getting waaaaayy too slide heavy).


      The problem is that the SWF works fine on it's own -- the SWF 'screens' don't advance until the user clicks the appropriate button on the SWF --- BUT when imported to Cp and previewed, the SWF's first screen jumps to the next screen without the user's input. Understand this is the SWF jumping ahead, not the Cp slide that it resides in. (when I imported the SWF, the thumbnail in the selection/dialogue box even jumped ahead)


      What gives? Can anyone tell us how to fix this?



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          Misnomer17 here...Ed, a Flash developer on staff, solved the problem! Here it is for all to reference:



          My flash swf that I imported into Captivate does not function properly. On the first frame of the timeline, I have a stop function that pauses the swf. I also have a button that allows the swf to continue playing when clicked until the next stop function occurs. However, when captivate plays this swf, the swf automatically skips and goes straight to the next stop function. How do I avoid this error?



          Captivate does not like the stop function on the main timeline of the Flash/swf.  In Flash, clear out the main timeline by placing all your items from the main timeline into another movie clip (including the action script).  Drag your new movie clip onto the main timeline. Export to swf. Test out your new swf in Captivate.