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    Problem importing BlazeDS services in Flash Builder

    Ted Moens



      In a nutshell:  when I try to import a BlazeDS Data Service in Flash Builder, Flashbuilder sees the services but does not appear to introspect them so that I can see the calls available on the Java classes on the server side.


      Longer Version:


      I have a running turnkey BlazeDS (blazeds-turnkey- in which all of the sample applications work fine. (I had been trying this with a 3.x version but was told that I needed to use a 4.0 version and was also told on the forum that the June 5 load did not work for this.)  I have edited the web.xml file as described in several places to enable RDS and to change the security settings as follows:



      I have a Flashbuilder standalone


      I create a Flex Project (Application Server type = BlazeDS) using the code from one of the examples.  (I've tried with inventory, testdrive-remoteobject and a new project with no code.)


      I point the project at the samples root folder - C:\blazeds\tomcat\webapps\samples


      I point the Root URL at - http://localhost:8400/samples.


      I can successfully modify and run the code.  So, everything is just fine to this point.


      Now I click the Connect to Data/Service in the Data/Service tab and select the BlazeDS Service Type.


      I Click Next (if I have just restarted FashBuilder I see a dialog asking for a userid and password for the RDS service.  But since I have configured the server side not to need a password, I click "no password required" and Next). Either way now and I get a list of the 5 destinations from the server side remoting-services.  I click any one of them and name the service the same as the destination and click Finish (my only option).


      FlashBuilder now creates a data service for me and and a service package and the framework for the .as service class.  The service itself however does not show the various calls that are available on the server side Java objects.


      I assume I am doing something wrong along the way, but I am out of ideas of things to try now.  (Tomcat has been restarted, FB has been restarted, applications removed re-installed etc.)


      Any ideas?