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    IAttachment api question for PDF Portfolios


      I have been working on a custom portfolio for a while now and have a pretty good understanding of most of the new feature.  I am currently have a problem though where i drill down into a folder and want to play the videos that are in said folder.  I can always launch the preview in a stand alone mode but that neither looks good or is what my client is looking for.  I want to be able to play the .flv or .swf through a media player embedded on my display (pretty much the rotate view but with playable movies instead of thumbnails).  The problem is that I have not been able to access my movie attachments.  The IAttachment class comes with a path property that describes itself to be a string path to the file I am trying to play.  Naturally I assumed I could do something like (say the file is a swf) binding the source property of a SWFLoader to attachment.path and call it a day.  This is unfortunately far from the case.  I am not if it has something to do with the path being broken or not but thats what i assume.  I also find it interesting that the fileName property is supposed to be the last portion of the path property but no matter where my file is located (root or in a sub folder) the path is always the same as the fileName.  Bug or a simple misunderstanding?  Hopefully an adobe guru can help me with this one.