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    Dreamweaver CS4 to CFBuilder mapping?

    richardELeach Level 1

      Hi Gang-

      Over the years I've grown accustom (and rather quick) to writing my CF code via the keyboard shortcuts available in Dreamweaver. For instance, when I have  crazy, multiple nested cfloops and need to find where 1 particular cfloop tag starts and ends I simply put my cursor just inside the cfloop tag in question and click the key combination Apple + [.  The code automatically highlights everything between the start and end tags, saving me a lot of time stepping through someone else's spaghetti code.  These are the kinds of things you hate to give up until you now how (or even if) it can be done in the new environment.


      Does anyone know if there are any published docs that map DW shortcuts and keystrokes to CFBuilder? I know lots can be customized in CFBuilder and I'm not looking to stay on DW but will ultimately land where I can be most productive.


      Many thanks in advance,