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    Underscores in WebHelp Search Results

    dwc3 Level 1

      I'm using RoboHelp7 in TCS1 to create an online doc in WebHelp. Most of my topic titles are more than one word, and so whenever I add by reference and generate, the topic title includes underscores (for the spaces).


      I've gone through and taken out all of the underscores in the TOC list (from the Topic List pod). Otherwise, whenever I drag a topic into a TOC book, it'll have underscores. By taking them out manually (almost 800 topics), at least the TOC and index look okay (no underscores) when I generate. However, the search results all have underscores.


      I can't go to Tools>Options and uncheck "Use underscores in file names" because the generated help is being used in Windows and UNIX systems. If I uncheck that checkbox, it'll leave the spaces in the filenames.


      I've followed a few threads about this same problem, and one post comments that TCS2 solves this, while another post says it doesn't. Peter Grainge suggests using Zoom Search. I'd like, though, to first know if TCS2 really does solve the underscore problem. Peter's site says that RoboHelp8, in TCS2, has solved a lot of the search problems. So does it solve the underscore problem?


      Has anyone else figured out how to remove the underscores from the search results?