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    loading recordings on a different computer

    mcm02n Level 1

      I have developed a module with a team that has a ppcx media file.  The file loads correctly on my computer, but when I copy the presentation and media file to disc for someone to save on their computer and edit as needed, the other computer will not recognize the media file.


      For instance, if I save the presentation on another computer and then go into the Adobe Presenter menu to 'synch' to force the file to access the audio files, the "Cannot Load Recordings" window pops up and it wants to load the media file using my computer drive string.  When I browse to the correct folder on the disc, the media file won't show up.  When I open the media file, the ppcx file is there - it just won't show up when I try to load in the presentation using another computer.



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          John K. Level 1

          Try this.


          Copy the Powerpoint presentation, the ppcx file and the audio folder to a USB Stick. Its important to include the audio folder, while it contains all the MP3 files.


          Then copy all items to a new folder on the "new" PC. Remove the USB stick and open the Powerpoint presentation.


          Will the ppcx file still not show up?


          John K.