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    dot happy data service code generator

    kingquattro Level 1


         After install FB beta 2, as many others here I ran into .fr problems, luckly I don't have too many services just yet so I deleted all the beta 1 services and created new one.  There after I created on custom return object with paging enabled.


          Problem started after custom return object was created.  As soon as return object is created in service.CFCName.as file there are reference to the return object, but almost all of them have a dot in front of them

           eg: operation.resultElementType = .SearchDBResponse;

      and      .SearchDBResponse._initRemoteClassAlias();


        Notice the dot before SearchDBReponse.


         Also there is a space between : and RPCDataManager (eg below) that causes invalid return type error.


           public function getDataManager(dataManagerName:String) : RPCDataManager{



        I removed the extra dot's and spaces, and errors went away.  Just thought I would give other a heads up if anyone else run into the same issue