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    How do I stop AIR from sending the "x-flash-version" HTTP header?

    JDK HM



      I'm writing an app and I don't want to advertise the fact that I'm using AIR. I don't want the server I'm talking to to do any "traffic shaping" or outright denial of service based on the browser that is talking to it. AIR appears to be adding a "x-flash-version" header to the HTTP header array *after* I call httpService.send(). I'm looking at the request headers in the debugger, and that header is not there right up to the point where I send. And yet it is arriving at the server.


      Please someone tell me that Adobe doesn't think that AIR has to send this header for some security reason. I can see forbidding some headers for security reasons, but adding them when we don't want them is beyond the pale.


      -- JD