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    Flash Catalyst Beta 2 Hangs

    keith0507 Level 1

      My System:

      2 GHz Intel Core Duo

      1 GB memory

      OSX 10.5.8



      1. Flash Catalyst Beta 2 intermittently hangs after various steps. i.e. Grouping layers, Moving group, etc. Requires a hard shutdown using Force Quit.
      2. Grouping - Catalyst auto selects layers beneath current layer even though these layers are not visible it then turns on the visiblity setting, if the layer is not visible it should not be selectable in my opinion,  if (visble = false) { lock = true }.



      Would like to see:

      1. Locking layer's -  you have to click each individual layer, would be more convienient as well as consistent with other Adobe products to be able to click and drag in the lock column to lock multiple layers at the same time. This should also be the behavior for the visibility column as well.
      2. Since this is a beta, it would be nice to have a logging feature that you can enable at installation time or anytime afterwards, default setting should be set to off. We can use, well I can only speak about a MAC, the computers Crash reporter and Hang Reporter but it would be more convienient if the issues were in their own file. Wishful thinking.


      So far this is what I've found, unable to help identify any more bugs due to Flash Catalyst crashing everytime.


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          Windows Vista Ultimate x64 / 12GB ram / Core i7 920 / Flash Catalyst Beta 2


          Very prone to crashing, but appears to be a memory issue.  Beta 2 uses about 400MB of ram with 16MB imported PSD.


          When FC is running alone it's much more stable.  When I start up any other applications, especially large ones, FC is about 90% more likely to crash.



          (New enhancements in Beta 2 MUCH appreciated Adobe.  Thanks!!!!!!)

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            njadobe2 Adobe Employee

            Hi Keith,


            Sorry you're having stability problems--if you could give us a set of specific steps that reproduce the hang/crash, that would be helpful.


            I didn't quite understand the issue you were having with invisible items--could you list specific steps that reproduce what you're seeing? It is true that if you have a group that contains both visible and invisible items, we select the entire group when you click on the group if you use the black arrow tool (this is similar to Illustrator or Fireworks). However, we shouldn't be automatically turning on the visibility of the invisible items just by selecting them.





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              keith0507 Level 1


              Thank you for replying so quickly.


              Hang issue: (note this happens intermittenly)

              I have a Photoshop CS2 comp with 13 layers, that I've imported into FB2. Each layer representing a single web page.

              FB2 seems to hang mostly when I'm adjusting the transitions from one state to the next, fade ins and fade outs.



              Layer visibility issue:

              1. I've Created an Adobe Illustrator CS2 file with 3 layers, a blue circle, a red rectangle and a green star.

              2. Open FB2 and import the AI file.

              3. Turn the visibility of the blue circle layer off.

              4. Group all 3 layers by click and dragging the black arrow tool across all items.

              5. Create a new Duplicate State of Page 1.

              6. The blue circle layer will now be visible in both Page 1 and Page 2 even though the layers panel does not show the eye symbol for the blue circle layer.

              7. Run the project and again the blue circle is visible.


              Thank you



              P.S. I just published to swf and selected create AIR as well, and the blue circle is visible as well.


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