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    sound is a few milliseconds behind


      I made a video and now i notice that the sound is just a few millisecinds off?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Please tell us what type of camcorder this video came from and how you got it into your computer.


          This issue is most often related to camcorders that use non-traditional video codecs.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The ultimate place to address OOS (Out Of Sync) issues is at Capture (or shooting, if one is using a recording device, other than the camera), but when one has to do it by hand, this ARTICLE will give you tips on the easiest way to accomplish it.


            In PrPro, one can change the Timecode to Audio Units, but as of PrE 4 this cannot be done. I do not know if it has been implemented in later versions of PrE. Maybe others can comment on this aspect, as it does allow one to more closely "jog" the Audio to match - less than at the Frame-level.


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              Manstandvd Level 1

              I have had sound not matching picture when capturing HD from my camcorder using PE 4. I discovered that it happened when I stopped the camera, rewound the tape and viewed the footage on the camera. If I left a gap on the tape or a previous project the fopotage afterwards was "out". Provided I do not do this I have had no further trouble. Hope that helps??