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    CF Builder not stopping at Breakpoints

    mwoods1971 Level 1



      I have CF8 with the lastest CF Builder installed. I'm running on a development machine that is running WAMP with Apache ver 2.2.11, MySQL etc.

      I think I have CFB setup properly and I can connect to the server via RDS without an issue. The server is also server CF pages without any problems. Everything works, Database, the server Debug is working etc.


      As far as I can tell, I have everthing setup properly but when I set my breakpoints and try to debug an application, it goes thru it without stopping. I have tried a number of things but I can't seem to get this working.


      I do have in line debugging set in the server.


      One of the things that I just noticed is, when I went to go into CF Admin to check the settings, in line debugging came on but, I didn't have any breakpoints set in the CFAdmin files.


      What am I doing wrong?